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​A leather suite is a big investment and can last many years when it is looked after properly . Our deep cream cleaning and conditioning treatment not only sanitises you site , but drastically improves its appearance by removing surface dirt and oils , and then by feeding the leather with our conditioning treatment, your suite will look after and last longer , often making costly replacement unnecessary . 

Our specialist leather cleaning service allows us to clean all types of leather suites and chairs , with the exception of nubuck and suede . 

Most commercially produced leather suits are made of pigmented leather  , where dirt and oil sit on the outer layer and can be removed using our advanced , non toxic cleaning products .

Our leather cleaning Service will :

  • Remove debris with thorough vacuum
  • Kill any surface bacteria and allergens 
  • Treat stains and grease
  • Remove the build up of dirt and bodily oils which can cause permanent staining
  • Pay particular attention to the high wear areas such as head and arm rests
  • ​Condition and Feed the leather
  • Prevents drying and cracking from central heating and body heat 
  • Leave your leather suite feeling smoother and softer
  • Freshens and revives its appearance
  • Specialist leather cleaning will significantly increase the life of your suite

A regular three piece suite will take between 1-2 hours to clean and can be used straight away , All our cleaning products are of the highest grade  , are non toxic and safe , and smell nice.

The Single MostImportant Thing About Your Leather sofa  Cleaning Is Experience.

Even the cleanest looking leather suites can conceal a large amount of dirt.

Leather Cleaning Service 

The first stage of the cleaning process is the
 application of our specialist leather cleaner

Only the left side has been cleaned to show the difference in colour and appearance after cleaning leather cleaning birmingham

Leather Cleaning is Affordable and Convenient

Leather Suites can be cleaned from as little as £45* birmingham leather cleaning

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Our team of friendly customer service advisers are fully informed about all of our services and will be able to set you up with a quote right away. You can also ask any questions that you might have while you're on the line. 

* Special Offer*
Our Leather Cleaning Prices Start From £35  Plus Free Condition .