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local expert cleaning 7-step oven cleaning process

September 11th,2021

7-step about oven cleaning process

Welcome to local expert cleaning for oven cleaning process, I’m Elaine. In our professional oven cleaning service, we use a few step process. Let us walk you through it today.

Our professional oven cleaning process uses an extremely innovative method to ensure that your oven, hob and extractor fan is clean, safe, and ready to use right after the professional cleaning service.

Also, our products do not contain any acid or caustic, so your kitchen is clean and hygienic, and you don’t have to worry about nasty fumes – perfect if you have pets or a family!

local expert oven cleaning process guarantees the complete removal of oil, grease, fat, and food burnt onto your oven’s enamel surface. A range of extraction filters, universal seals, as well as replacement lamps, is also available from specialists.

First of all, we ensure the area is fully protected.

To protect the work surface, we laid down the protective cloth.  We only use non-caustic products. We just like to be a little bit extra thorough with work so, in case of any spills on your cabinet or flooring, it isn’t corrosive or toxic.

In order to ensure you know what to expect, here is how our specialists work:

1. When you book your oven cleaning service with us our oven cleaner technician will come to your door and introduce themselves.

they explain what we do The technician will test your oven if there is anything wrong with the oven that we noticed or anything that does not work before we begin cleaning.

2. In the beginning, we would pull the doors down, then remove the door from the oven. we dismantle the door and glass So the glass can be cleaned on both sides and the door. So that will come up to get like new again.

remove oven door

Again, we always put down cover to make sure everything’s fully protected.

3. technicians will remove all the removable parts from the inside of the oven in order to manage the deep clean, removal parts are including the racks, tray,  side panels, side supporting racks, back panel and even the fan blade!

removeing racks, back plate and fan blade from oven

4. all the removable parts like racks, tray, backplate, fan blade also parts from your hob and extractor filter will be clean in our steam dip tank in the vehicle for 1 hour.

we also remove the door seals, we do replace these as well, particularly with older ovens, what we find is the oven seals start to sag eventually.

steam oven cleaning dip tank

5. the cleaner start deep clean your oven while all the parts have been removed from your oven, if there is an element inside your oven, the technician will pull the element down carefully to clean all the burn.

get the fan off will give cleaner access to the whole of the back of the oven which we completely scrubbed with the soap solution and decrease in Polish.

 the whole of the roof of the oven will be cleaned as well.

NOTE: in most cases, this is the reason why you oven smoking.

pull down element inside oven for cleaning

6. when the cleaner finished cleaning inside your oven and door, he will make sure it’s nice and tight, the oven is fully checked as well. So once everything’s back in place, and it’s all put back together, we do run the oven to make sure everything works correctly, will pop the seal back on.

7. if you have any questions about your oven or how to keep your oven clean ask our technician, he will be happy to answer all your question 

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John weston
John weston
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My house looks spotless after their work and they are really professional. My carpet smells fresh and the stains on the sofa have disappeared. I highly recommend them as they're the best cleaners I've ever used!