Carpet And pets- can they live in harmony?

Carpet And Pets 1

Ideas to keep your carpets looking fresh and clean in home with pets

If you have pets then you will understand the stains they can put on keeping the carpets throughout your home clean.whether it’s an unwanted stain or an endless amount of fur littering the surface of your carpets, pets seem to get the better of this type of flooring each and every time.

However, with the following ideas up your sleeve your pets and carpets will be able to live cleanly and harmoniously under the same roof once more.

Groom your pets regularly

Keep the amount of pet hair on your carpets to a minimum by grooming them regularly so that as much loose fur is removed as possible. This is particularly important step to take during the summer as cats and dogs are more likely to molt around this time of year as they shed their winter coats.

Consider carpet colours

If you are looking to buy a new carpet and have the pets, it may be advisable to opt darker shades in order to avoid visible staining and noticeable pet hairs.

Invest in professional carpet cleaning

With muddy paws running through your home each day, your carpets are likely to become dirty, and perhaps even carry an odour. keep your carpets dirt, odour and germs free by having them professionally cleaned regularly. Not only will this protect your pets and family from potentially dangerous germs carried in from outside, but will also prolong the life of your expensive carpets and keep them looking new for longer.


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A service that comes with many benefits

  • Removing common stains such as drinks,
    food and dirt.
  • Done by certified & fully-insured Mattress cleaners.
  • Child- and pet-safe
  • cleaning methods
  • Using industry leaders equipment from Powerflite and Prochem.
  • FREE air mover for quicker drying time.
  • Free Scotchgard and free deodorizing¬†

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