Carpet And Upholstery Scotchgard

carpet and upholstery scotchgard protector

Everything you need to know about carpet and upholstery scotchgard protector

You may have heard of a stain repellent know as carpet scotchgard protector

But how actually does carpet and upholstery scotchgard protector work?

The idea of carpet and upholstery scotchgard Protector is simple- spray this protection all over your carpet and upholstery and it will help prevent stains with the use of some very clever chemical –

but does carpet and upholstery scotchgard protector really work?

The carpet scotchgard protector product was actually made by accident in 1952 by two chemists working for the american adhesive company 3M. they managed to develop an invisible shield that could be easily applied to almost all types of fabric, preventing spillages from penetrating too deep into the fibers. have been added into a host of general cleaning products since it’s creation, scotchgard is now recognized primarily as a poplar stain repellent across the UK and the rest of the world.

Does it protect your carpet and upholstery?

As you spray the scotchgard protector product onto your carpet and upholstery, it coats each fiber in a protective layer of chemicals. harmless to humans and pets. these particular chemicals are incredibly resilient to attacks from water ans oil based stain.

one of the benefit of scotchgarding your carpet is the fact that is gives you tie to tackle a stain and prevent it from soaking deeper onto your carpet. however, just applying this products once doesn’t keep your carpet or upholstery completely free of stain forever- scotchgarding need reapplication every so often to keep the protective layer working against spillages and even when your carpets have been freshly protected. frustratingly it can’t guarantee protection against every type of stain. please visit our carpet cleaning page for how we clean your carpet.

A service that comes with many benefits

  • Removing common stains such as drinks,
    food and dirt.
  • Done by certified & fully-insured Mattress cleaners.
  • Child- and pet-safe
  • cleaning methods
  • Using industry leaders equipment from Powerflite and Prochem.
  • FREE air mover for quicker drying time.
  • Free Scotchgard and free deodorizing 

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