Coronavirus Covid 19 Update

OVID-19 UPDATE: We Remain Open For Business In Tier 4 Areas
We carefully follow the new nationwide restrictions of the UK government to help limit the spread of coronavirus According to one of the recent government updates, cleaners and also tradespeople are essential workers, local expert cleaning stays fully operative after November 5.

Coronavirus Covid 19 Update

We continue to operate as usual

We hope that in these hard times you and your family are doing fine. Because of current events, we’ve outlined what measures we have actually carried out in order to continue to operate safely and offer our customers with cleaning services.

In their latest publication, The British Government has actually specified that cleaner who perform work and maintenance in people’s homes are enabled to keep working, provided that they have no symptoms.

Thus, We are operating as usual, whilst following all necessary Government and relevant authority advice regarding the current situation with coronavirus.

As always, Our main priority is Health And safety and putting the safety and wellbeing of the Technicians and you, our valued customers first. We’re actively monitoring and communicating guidance, as well as providing practical and pragmatic advice to the Technicians of ours. In order to reassure you, our Technicians will take the following steps in our customer’s houses:

We continue to operate as usual

Our customers’ wellness has always been of the utmost top priority for us. To help them go through this tough time as safely as possible, we are following government and experts’ advice to put protection first when providing cleaning service.

We feel responsible:

We're checking on our professionals daily to ensure they do not have flu-like symptoms and have not been to high-risk locations. If any of this occurs, we send a replacement specialist to do the service.

We set requirements:

All local expert cleaning specialists who will remain active haven't travelled outside of the UK within the past 2 months.

We do day-to-day body temperature checks:

Every early morning, prior to beginning their workday, all pros who deliver services to you are required to inspect their body temperature.

We don't do handshakes anymore:

We've advised all specialists to keep a minimum of one meter with all people they are in contact with and refuse handshakes, in an aim to protect our customers. If you wish to welcome us, smile, and we'll smile back!

We're making sure correct ventilation in the properties:

All technicians are keeping the windows open throughout the service, if possible.

We offer Antiviral Sanitisation Services:

In addition to all our cleaning services, in the last week delivered more than 100 hours of Antiviral Sanitisation Service.


We keep our technician and you safe:

Apart from following all official guidance, we frequently update our franchisees and all experts on health and safety measures

1. Strong Nitrile Gloves: We are using a new pair of strong Nitrile Gloves with each clean. Nitrile rubber has a much stronger puncture/tear resistance than vinyl and latex.

2. Hand Hygiene: We’ve hand hygiene available in our vans, our Technicians will wash and sanitize their hands, before entering into your house in line with NHS guidelines.

3. Surfaces and floor: We will disinfect and sanitize all surfaces that we’ve been in touch with or close during cleaning service, before leaving your house.

4. Microfibre Cloths: We always have and use a clean freshly laundered set of microfibre cloths during each clean.

5. Reconfirm Booking: We will re-confirm your booking, to be sure it’s safe for everyone to continue.

6. Uniform: Our Technicians will be wearing a clean uniform every day and disinfect after every job.

7. Facial Masks: We carry facial masks in the van and will wear while completing the job.

8.Symptoms: Our Technicians will not be working if they’ve any of the NHS highlighted Corona Virus symptoms.

9. Social Distancing: We follow Government guidelines when it comes to social distancing and safety. our technicians will need to be in the area themselves whilst they work. We are going to ask we make use of the most accessible way to the working area, to adhere to the social distancing.

10. Underlying Illnesses: As a result of the present situation, we won’t be attending appointments to individuals who have received a 12-week shielding letter as a result of an underlying illness. We’ll, however, cancel your booking and call to book you in when the situation changes.

11. Payment:  Payment by card or cash in an envelope only during this period of uncertainty.

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