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Are you moving out from a rented property? Оur end of tenancy cleaning service in Birmingham is actually ideal for everybody who's moving in or perhaps out of a property. Now we offer Antiviral Sanitisation which kills 99.99 % of viruses and bacteria!

Take cares earlier to leaving your rented property and book a specialist end of tenancy cleaning  Birmingham service you are able to believe in. Our move out cleaning service comes with 72h FREE re-clean guarantee to be able to please the landlord of yours or even letting agent. You are able to additionally extend the guaranteed period of the service to 168h for a fee of £29 and add expert property sanitisation. Just a specialized cleaning company is going to secure the check out deposit refund of yours.

Exactly why you have to use professional cleaning services?

Professional cleaning stands for high-end equipment and detergents coupled with thorough know-how. local expert cleaning  end of tenancy cleaning ensures that the post rental condition of the property meets your landlord’s expectations:

  1. Eco-Friendly and professional detergents supplied by top manufacturers.
  2. Specialised dip tanks to degrease and remove dirt from all removable parts of the oven of yours.
  3. Skilful cleaners with over ten years of experience will ensure a shiny and clean property which will wow the property owner.
  4. Non-time-limited service – The cleaners leave if the job’s done. Generally from three to five hrs.
  5. All home appliances are cleaned as a portion of the service of yours.
  6. Crucial pickup, upon request – to make certain better a chance to access the property.
  7. Regular quality inspections and reports.
  8. Property Antiviral Sanitisation to eliminate germs and viruses available upon request

We additionally offer check-in and check out record reports, that are completed by independent auditors. you can contact local expert cleaning to get a free quote and advise for your end of tenancy Birmingham.

End of tenancy cleaning checklist:

  • Fridge: Remove all grime, mildew, and food splatters. Wipe the door handles, clear the rubber seal as well as the roof of the refrigerator.
  • Freezer*: Clean the inside as well as outside and then wipe door handles.
  • Dishwasher: Remove food deposits, grime, and mildew, check filters, clear the soap dispenser drawer.
    Washing machine: Wipe down outside and inside, check and clear the rubber seal, clear the dispenser drawer with detergent
    Microwave: Clean the inside as well as outside, rotating plate and handle
    Tumble Dryer: Clean dust as well as lint filters, check manages and rubber seal
  • Professional Oven Cleaning that is FREE: Clean and degrease oven, grill and hob, oven racks and a grill pan, internal top of the oven. Wipe as well as clear the rubber seal.
  • Toaster: Clean and eliminate some remaining crumbs, the outdoors and placed under the appliance below Clear within and outside all the
  • cupboards as well as drawers. To clean the grime around the handles.
  • Dust the rubbish bin – wash the best and below it.
  • Scrub, descale and wipe the sink.
  • Fresh and toss away any food debris, dirt or perhaps near the sink drain.
  • Clean as well as dry all of the wall tiles as well as grout.
  • Vacuum and mop the floors, refine the sleek surfaces
    *NOTE: Freezers, as well as fridges, must be defrosted in advance.

You can combine your carpet cleaning Birmingham with:

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Q: What exactly are the end of tenancy cleaners work hours?

A: You are able to speak to us at any time. On the other hand, probably the earliest your end of cleaning is able to begin is actually 8:00 am. The latest would be about 5:00 pm.

Q: Do you offer the cleaning supplies?

A: The end of tenancy clean staff will bring everything needed for your cleaning service before you move out.

Q: Do I've to defrost my freezer and fridge in advance?

A: yes turn your fridge freezer off to defrost the fridge/freezer approximately twenty-four hours before the service starts. If the fridge/freezer remains frozen when the tenancy cleaners arrive, they may not have the ability to efficiently clean it.

Q: What would be the cost for a professional end of tenancy cleaning?

A: The regular price of your tenancy cleaning is dependent on three primary components. The size of the property. Much more exactly, the number of rooms. The condition of the property. but, this is applicable only if the rental is very overlooked. The addition of specialised services such as for example steam extraction cleaning of carpet/upholstery, exterior window washing, or perhaps garden clearance (if needed by the tenancy agreement). The move-out / in-home cleaning products at local expert cleaning Cleaners provide the very best value to cost throughout Birmingham west midlands

Q: Do I've to pay more for parking charges?

A: This’s the only payment that could occur in addition to your cleaning service. The staff will always look for a completely free area to park. But, if such is not offered, then the customer will be directed to go over the parking costs as the service takes place. If the property is actually within the congestion zone, then the buyer is actually necessary to take care of the costs. Overall, the service might take place during the weekend (or maybe a bank holiday) when the congestion costs in Birmingham are actually lifted.

Q: What exactly are the guarantees that professional full house cleaning will restore the property up to the standards?

A: The tenancy professionals follow agency approved checklists when cleaning your rental property and hence guarantee that each aspect of your housing will be cleaned to the best standards just before you moving out. That method the specialists make certain that you are going to receive your security deposit back.

Q: How many cleaners will come to do my end of the tenancy cleaning service in birmingham:

 A: The end of tenancy cleaning teams are able to consist of up to 3 cleaners. It is really dependent on the size of your rental property. We are able to send as many cleaners as needed for the timely end of your lease end service.

Q: Can I get carpet and upholstery cleaning service too?

 A: Upholstered amenities and all carpets are going to be vacuum cleaned. If you would like those done professional clean to up standards – you are able to book carpet hot water extraction and upholstery cleaning at special rates as combined services because you book a cleaner.

Q: How much will it cost to have carpets cleaned, too?

 A: It depends on the size of your property, however with your end of the tenancy you will get a discount.

Q: Do I get my oven clean?

 A: Yes, professional oven cleaning is actually an element of the post lease service. It’ll be dismantled and the removable parts will be set in a dipping tank loaded with a specialised cleaning solution that easily dislodges grease and grime. The inside and exterior of the oven will be scrubbed, as well.

Q: Is it possible to conduct the service while I'm away from the property?

 A: Yes, though you’ve to arrange a key pick up. In addition, you are able to pay for the service with a card while you’re away.

Q: Do you charge by the hour or per job?

A: The service is actually priced per job, meaning that the move out cleaners will remain on site until the rental clean is completely accomplished. Hours aren’t what defines just how much end of tenancy cleaning costs


Q: What happens if a cleaner damages something during the service?

 A: All move-out cleaning staffs are fully insured so you’ll be compensated accordingly if something this way occurs. Though, rest assured all specialists are very cautious and careful so it likely will not come down to this in any way.

Q: Do I have to move furniture?

 A: It is not necessary though it may be suitable in case your housing has a large amount of furniture. To be able to assure the deposit money back of yours, the tenancy products are going to have to vacuum or perhaps mop below etc, cupboards, and sofas.

Q: Do you clean blinds together with the service?

A: Yes, the cleaners are able to wipe the blinds together with the service.

Q: Do you scrub clean chandeliers and/or ceilings?

 A: Yes, but just if they’re easily accessible.

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John Doe
John Doe
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Full clean on my carpet before moving out of my house. Did a stunning job, literally like it just came out of the shop. Fully recommended this carpet cleaning company in Birmingham.
Ravjit Phull
Ravjit Phull
Read More
I had a stain on my headboard from a grubby child at Christmas! I contacted Elaine. She was fantastic. Reassured me completely. Arrived promptly 2 days later and they did such a good job, the stain is now complete history. I have no hesitation in recommending them. Best carpet cleaning company birmingham.
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I cannot praise Elaine highly enough. Her work is second to none. She is very thorough and carried out an excellent job, cleaning cookers, carpets, oven; all to the highest standard. If you are looking for the best, stop right here, because you have found it.
Neeta Chauhan
Neeta Chauhan
Read More
Absolutely fantastic cleaning. I would recommend them 100%. They had cleaned the carpet as it was brand new. Amazing people are very polite and helpful. Will definitely have work done again.Best carpet cleaning company in Birmingham.
 Vinh Hoa Hoang
Vinh Hoa Hoang
Read More
Lovely professional carpet cleaning company highly, thank you so much for doing a great job on my 3 bedrooms carpet, they look amazing and smelling fresh.
Emily H
Emily H
Read More
What a fantastic team! Arrived on time, not only very professional but very personable people, fabulous job, great price. My only regret is meeting them only this once as I am moving out of the area. If I had known about them earlier would have asked them for regularly scheduled carpet cleaning too! Would definitely 110% recommend, the carpet was cleaned to a high standard, and smelling nice and fresh.
Read More
I tried their cleaning services and absolutely loved them. Had tried some 5-6 cleaners already in last years but I think now I am gonna stick with them. With many last cleaners, the cleaning guys will spend more time on the phone or do a 1-hour job in two hours. These people were quick and did quality carpet cleaning.
Chloe whittall
Chloe whittall
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This company were brilliant, they did an carpet cleaning for us as our last tenant had left the carpet in a bit of a mess, to say the least. They arrived when they started, the carpet was cleaned perfectly. They did a fantastic job in good time ready for us.
Anne Smith
Anne Smith
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Had carpet cleaned, wow looks like new. Very professional friendly people would recommend them. It was worth every penny and my husband agrees and believes me that is an achievement as he is very fussy. They took a lot of pride in delivering an excellent carpet cleaning service.
Sharon Smith
Sharon Smith
Read More
Really happy with my oven it sparkles like brand new. Mike and Elaine did a cracking job, protected all my floor surfaces, they were friendly and professional. Most importantly I could use my oven straight away - no nasty fumes or residue. I will definitely use them again and would highly recommend, also I booked my carpet cleaning with this company.
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