How Does Hot Water (steam) Extraction Carpet Cleaning Work

How Does Hot Water (steam) Extraction Carpet Cleaning Work?

How HWE is done, is it better, and what are the benefits

we have had many customers asking us, How Does Hot Water (steam) Extraction Carpet Cleaning Work? Carpets are a great way to add a dynamic look to your house and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

But carpets can become dirty and stained over a period of time. For this reason, you must frequently clean your carpets, so they look neat. 

However, there are many types of carpet cleaning methods. Some are better than others and provide astounding results. One of the most effective carpet cleaning methods is Hot Water Extraction. Today, we will discuss all HWE, including why you should choose this process to get your carpets cleaned. 

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How does HWE carpet cleaning work?

HWE or Hot Water Extraction is one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods.

In HWE, a vacuum-type machine is used to clean your carpet. The HWE machine has two compartments, a solution tank, and a recovery tank. In HWE, the water is first mixed with numerous cleaning agents and then heated, which makes the water hot.

  • All this is done in the solution tank. Then high-pressure industry-grade tools are used to spur the mixture of hot water and detergents on your carpet. 
  • As hot water is injected directly on the dirt and grease present on your rugs or carpets with high pressure, it instantly removes the stubborn dirt and stains.
  • Hot water, when combined with high pressure, removes the hard-to-remove stains, dirt, and grime on your carpet. Moreover, hot water also kills numerous bacteria and prevents your carpet from becoming a breeding ground for them.

The chemicals used in the HWE process ensure that no dirt is present on your carpet. Moreover, we use HWE  with powerful vacuums to suck in all the moisture and dislodged dirt present on your carpet. The sucked dirt is held by the recovery tank, as mentioned above.

difference between dry cleaning and steam cleaning carpet

What is the difference between steam cleaning and dry cleaning?

Both of the cleaning methods are different and use different cleaning tools. Some of the differences are listed below. 

  •  carpet Steam VS no steam

In steam cleaning, water is boiled. The steam generated during the water boiling process is used to clean your carpet. Meanwhile, in dry cleaning, no heating process is involved. The process does not use any steam to treat the stains and dirt on the carpet.

 In dry cleaning, first, the dirt is removed by vacuuming it, and then it is treated with a dry-cleaning solution. The dry-cleaning solution consists of numerous cleaning solvents, which dislodges the dirt and stains. 

  • Carpet Drying time for steam and dry cleaning 

After the HWE process, your carpet may take 2 to 4 hours to dry. On the other hand, as the dry-cleaning process does not involve a lot of water, your dry-cleaned carpet is dried in less than 1 hour.  

  • Different carpet cleaning tools 

The machine that professionals use during the HWE process has two chambers and does not contain any spinning brushes. No dry-cleaning solution is sprayed onto your carpet. 

In dry carpet cleaning, cleaning specialists use a machine consisting of two brushes. These brushes are submerged in hot water and a dry-cleaning solution. The cleaning brushes rotate in an anti-clockwise direction and dislodge dirt as they continue their rotation. Each cleaning brush functions differently. 

hot water carpet cleaning service

Why you should choose hot water extraction?

There are numerous benefits for which people should choose hot water extraction to get their carpets cleaned. Some of the most popular and effective ones are specified below. 

Eco-friendly to clean carpet

The Hot Water Extraction (carpet steam cleaning) process is eco-friendly and is safe.

Unlike dry carpet cleaning, which uses a heavy amount of dry-cleaning solution containing solvents, the HWE process only uses water and chemicals in a little amount. Due to this, both water and detergents are not wasted.

Moreover, in HWE, the chemicals that are mixed with hot water are ecological and do not harm the environment in the slightest way. 

In addition to this, as the HWE process uses detergents in a little amount, no residue is left on your carpet compared to dry carpet cleaning. Due to the excess chemicals used in dry carpet cleaning, it can leave stains. These stains can give off weird scents, which can cause allergies and can cause numerous health complications. 

So, if you are an environmentalist or want to avoid having numerous health complications, HWE carpet cleaning is ideal for you. 

Carpet Stain Remover - carpet cleaning hot water steam cleaning

Effective and DEEP carpet cleaning

HWE carpet cleaning is one of the most effective carpet cleaning processes of all time.

The hot water, when sprayed under high pressure, makes sure that no dirt and spots remain on your carpet. HWE carpet cleaning makes sure that all the hot water reaches deeply into the fabric of your carpet, providing your carpet with a deep clean.

Hot Water Extraction is also helpful in removing odors of smoke and different stains present on the carpet. It makes your carpet looking fresh and odor-free.

Some of the most stubborn stains can also be treated with HWE, including coffee stains, tea stains, ketchup, and more. 

In addition to this, as HWE uses high pressure, it removes all the buildup dirt within seconds. HWE saves time, which you can utilize in doing something more productive. 

how much does steam carpet cleaning cost

carpet cleaning Cost-effective

Another reason why people should choose HWE carpet cleaning is that it is cost-effective. The tools used in HWE carpet cleaning are inexpensive.

The cost of numerous detergents and chemicals is also reduced as compared to dry carpet cleaning. 

Carpet Stain Remover -Maintains the longevity of your carpet

Maintains the longevity of your carpet

As Hot Water Extraction does not use harsh detergents containing harmful solvents, it does not damage the fibers of your carpet.

The texture of your carpet remains smooth and protected. In addition to this, as no persisting scrubbing is involved to remove the buildup of dirt from your carpet, the layers of your carpet’s fabric remain intact and do not wither away. Thus, HWE carpet cleaning maintains the longevity of your carpet. 

hot water extraction ( steam ) carpet cleaning Conclusion

The above-specified is a comprehensive guide about Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning, including why you should choose HWE to get your carpets cleaned. Make sure to hire professionals to get your carpet cleaned using HWE. 


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