how to clean house for a party

how to clean house for a party and events

If you are planning a party for your friends or a get-together for your friends, you have made your plans already and decided the date for the event.

Before planning the decor for your party, it is important to deep clean your home and gets a quick sweep of your house before the guests arrive at your house for the event.

 how to clean house for a party tips

Pre-event preparations hold equally tremendous importance, just like the decor for the event. It is one of the important tasks for party preparation.

Following are some of the quick tips that will help you deep clean your house before your party time.

Rugs cleaning with sprinkling it with baking soda powder

party planning can be very hectic and time-consuming. There are many chores one has to perform for the event, so an individual cannot give plenty of time to the deep cleaning of the house.

If you want to clean your rugs and your carpets and want them fresh and completely free of odour, you can try a simple hack of sprinkling and dusting the carpets and rugs with baking soda.

After dusting the water, you will have to make a wait of around 15 to 20 minutes, and then you can vacuum the sprinkled powder, and the stink is gone!

Make your kitchen odor free

Making your kitchen free of any odor is an important task because it can make your whole downfall in your impression.

how to clean bathroom for a party

  • Your kitchen might have the odor of yesterday’s chicken that you cooked for the fish you had for dinner or maybe the popcorn you had microwaved for yourself.
  • The method for having a clean, free of odor kitchen is very easy. You have to let the water boil for a few minutes.

You can pour it in the sweet-smelling pot with various aromatics of cinnamon or oranges sticks

Spray with a solution in the spots you find troubled.

The solution of water mixed with vinegar is very handy for stains. You can use this cleaner anywhere in the home you want. You can use it in spots like cleaning the dirty marks on the mirror or if the toothpaste has dripped inside your bathroom.

This kind of vinegar and water solution should not be used on stones that are natural, like granite, because it can cause etching on the surface of the stone

Make piles of the catalogs.

Everybody has a huge number of catalogs and mails at home waiting for them to be read. You can make piles of magazines, catalogs, or mails into the basket and put them in the closet till your friends or your guest are in your house.

If you do not want to make a pile of them and store them somewhere in a closed cabinet, then you can keep them in an organized form by piling them up and putting them in the corner.

Clean your kitchen's chrome

clean kitchen for a party

Without any rust, chrome and its shiny surface can make your kitchen look very neat and new.

  • When you are making the clicking of the lemons, then you can reserve half of the lemon for your chrome cleaning in the kitchen.
  • The citric acid present in the lemon juice helps fight off the rust and makes things lighter and shiny.
    Rubbing the slice of lemon on the chrome will get you its shine back. You can also toss the peels of the lemon in the garbage box.
  • This will help you in getting rid of any bad smell from the garbage.

Rubber gloves and your pet's hair

how to clean pets hair for party

I am sure you wear your rubber gloves while washing the dishes. However, after you are done washing the dishes, and you are about to throw your rubber gloves away, I will suggest you not to because they can be of help for your living room or the bedrooms.

You can take a tour around your rooms and use the gloves to wipe away your pet’s hair or any other fuzz that is lingering on the furniture of your rooms.

Do the dusting of your house tools and furniture

how to clean house for a party

Take a detour of your house and every single room and check if the tools and accessories in those rooms are clean or not.

Wipe off the dust from the tool like stereos or the stuffed animals on the table or the shade of the lamp on the side table of yours. It is the little things, but they never go unnoticed. You can clean any debris that you find in the corners or under the furniture.

Clean the bathroom

how to keep house clean for a party

Bathroom cleaning the essential component of the house’s deep cleaning.

You need to ensure you do the deep bathroom cleaning before any event that has to take place inside your house because guests are going to use the bathroom, and dirty bathrooms are not appreciated.

You will have to bleach or use any bathroom cleaner for the toilet and the bathroom floor and place a fragrant candle.

Take a shortcut while cleaning your house.

Carpet Stain Remover - clean living room for a party

Take a shortcut while cleaning your house.

Most Professional deep home cleaner experts say that deep cleaning of the house should be done from time to time, not only for the events to be held. However, if you have not been deep cleaning for a while, then you can take a shortcut.

You can stick to the places and areas that are open to the guests, and they will be seen by them as they will visit those areas like bathrooms, lounges, kitchen, or the lawn as well. This will save much of your time and energy.

Mobile car valeting before and after party

The perfect car wash at home can be performed with these 5 steps!

Do you have to wash your car at a stationed car wash when you have a party coming soon?

 you might realize that many people don’t keep their cars clean because of their busy lifestyles.

Isn’t it better to use your time cleaning the house instead of wasting it?

A mobile car valeting service now brings this service directly to your home, which can help you out of this issue. The service is handled by experienced car wash professionals who will do everything in their power to ensure that your car will clean for your party.

Valeting services are the perfect solution if you don’t have time to drive to your local car wash. Taking advantage of these types of services has some benefits:

  • Being so busy, you find them easy to manage.
  • You won’t have to waste time when you hire mobile car wash services.
  • Your service will be done to your complete satisfaction if they have all of the specifications. Regardless of where you are located, they can clean your car and you do not have to be present.
  •  Services offering mobile car washes usually target local clients.
  • Local providers also know the area well, so they are a great choice in terms of service.
  • The locals benefit from their care and they can establish long-term relationships with the company.
  • Located car washes may be far away from your home. By driving to the place, you might lose time you could use at your party.
  • This type of stress can be avoided with mobile car wash companies.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning is a very hectic task, but it holds a lot of importance as it can form an impression of your lifestyle on your guests. So, make sure you follow the quick cleaning tips given above.

You need to repeat the steps carefully as it will get difficult to clean any part during the event. So, make sure you clean your place properly before head.

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