How To Clean My Fabric Sofa UK

How To Clean upholstery Sofa

Tips how to clean my fabric sofa uk

Welcome to our cleaning blog for how to clean my fabric sofa UK The sofa is the essential part of home furniture that aids to provide a space to sit and an elegant look to your drawing room, living room, TV lounge, or even the yard.

We commonly use to sit over the sofa by having a cup of tea in our hand, having snacks, our favourite cheesy burger or pizza, enjoying kitty party with our neighbours, serving a meal to our guests while sitting on the sofa, and using them to enjoy movie time with family having popcorn in hand.
When we are using the sofa in such a rough and tough way, we need to do needful to keep them neat and clean and maintain their look for a long time.
The majority of the people even do not know about the basic cleaning of the sofa. They just sit over it and no more.

You know everything goes ruined if it is not taken care of by someone. Our body oil, food oil, dust particle, or other spots like an ink pen, pencil, or even tea spots can be healed if addressed quickly.

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Sofa cleaning tactics to know about:

Here, I am going to share some easy and cheap ways to make your sofa free of oily spots, dark strains, food, urine and a layer of dust that causes its glow to hide under it. So do not worry about your sofa, you all need to do is to keep it maintenance regularly by: 

Not forgetting the dusting your sofa every day after cleaning your home.

When we clean our house, for some time, dust particles spread around the room even if we do vacuum cleaning, and these dust particles settle over the furniture, including the sofa.

If we leave these dust particles over the sofa still like that and ignore its cleaning, you will feel it seems dusty, and the corners or the edges are getting deep dusty or muddy, especially in the case of sofas having velvet covering over them.

There is a great need to clean your sofa daily after cleaning the floor, carpet, or ceiling of your home as they shed the dust over furniture.

There is another option to spread an extra cloth sheet over the sofa to avoid getting dust particles to let them settle down over it.

After cleaning the ceiling especially, remove that sheet and clean your sofa gently with a smooth brush or a piece of cloth.

Baking soda is key for making fabric spotless.

When we sit on the sofa, our body’s oil can be taken by a sofa that looks awkward after some days.

Therefore, it is recommended to clean your sofa, each weak, with some solution to remove these oil spots that cause its look to grab down and make it untidy and rough.

You can use different solutions for this purpose but before doing this, read the precautions over the card or the tag given to you at the time of buying your masterpiece that may include

  • W: if you find W written over the tag, it means your sofa is washable with water by adding some detergents for removing the spots
  • WS: if there is a written WS, it means you can use solvent-based water to clean the sofa.
  • S: S represents the solvent-based cleaners to lose the bonding of stain with fabric and remove it easily from its surface.

After reading these instructions over the tag, you can better understand which type of cleaning is allowed for your elegant and precious masterpiece to clean without losing its charm and beauty.

Baking soda is the best thing that can aid you to remove the stain from the surface of the sofa. You can sprinkle the baking soda over the sofa and move it backward and forward with the help of a wet scotch bar or a piece of wet cloths.
Do it for 5 to 10 minutes and remove the solution with the help of other dry cloths. You will observe the stagnant stains of grease, or a pen will be removed from the surface of the sofa.

How To Clean My Fabric Sofa UK

Vinegar solution cut out the spots over the sofa fabric.

You can also use the solution of water and vinegar, or you may say the dilute vinegar over the stain and keep rubbing it for 2 to 3 minutes.

But keep in mind to target the stains first instead of putting the solution on the whole surface of the sofa; it can spread the stains everywhere on the surface of the sofa. Fabric protection is a priority, so before doing it, ensure the effects of vinegar solution of fabric giving you positive result with safety.

Order a sofa cleaner

In the market, there are available many sofa cleaners of different brands that you buy and use on your masterpiece to keep shining it with spotless surface enhancing its look.

Spray this magical liquid over the sofa surface and clean it with a cloth or soft brush. After this, wipe it with a clean and dry piece of cloth.

For the sake of protecting fabric, use a fabric dry cleaner

Another option for cleaning your sofa is to dry clean it. Dry cleaning does not mean you are going to clean it with a drying substance.

Dry cleaning also includes liquids to spray over the surface and wipe it out by rubbing slightly with the help of a brush or a cloth piece.

Vacuum or brush hard the sofas

For regular maintenance, you should vacuum your sofa at least once a week. It is a safe way to clean your sofa from dust particles, hidden hairs of your pet, or other things to grab it out.

It will surely enhance the durability of your sofa by keeping its surface clean and beautiful.

Alcohol as a spot healing liquid, not a bad option to clean upholstery 

Are you familiar with the use of alcohol for cleaning purposes? Yes, you can use it to clean your sofa. Take a little quantity of alcohol in a small bowl or a small bottle and add few drops of white vinegar or a small amount of baking powder in it.

You can also use it along with a detergent in the form of a solution and dip a cloth or soft towel in this solution and rub it over the stain that could be of oil, tea, ink, or even water. It will remove it easily.

Follow the above guide to clean your sofas in a professional way It is important to clean them properly as they are the most used ones.

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