How to clean oven door glass inside and outside

How to clean oven door glass inside and outside

How to clean oven door glass inside and outside

Have you ever done the self-cleaning cycle of your oven only to discover that the glass still looks streaked and grimy?

While you might be comforted to learn that several other people encounter from the same kitchen woes, you are possibly more interested in finding out how to get rid of these greasy tracks on your oven door. If you are cleaning the glass on your oven door then it is one thing, but cleaning between over glass door is another matter completely. We will show you the easy technique that makes it rapid and easy. When the oven begins getting grimy and gross, then the below method is best to clean the oven. It acts like a charm each time, and you will not need another method to help you keep your oven clean. We have got some tips for cleaning purposes for the oven that can help you do that. Read below to learn how to clean a glass oven door in between.
Tools and Supplies
Here is what you will require in order to clean the inside of the glass on your oven door

  • Spray bottle
  • White vinegar
  • Paper towels
  • Scouring cloth
  • Dish soap
  • Wire hanger
  • Rubber band

Stage 1 – Clean the outside
Fill your spray bottle with equivalent parts of dish soap and white vinegar. After this, simply replace the top and shake the bottle moderately to mix. Use your cleaning spray and some paper towels to clean the outside of the glass on your oven door.

Stage 2, Clean the Inside
In the next step, open your oven door and spray the vinegar and soap mixture freely over the oven-facing side of the door. Then get your scouring cloth wet and scrub the glass unless it gets nice and sudsy. After this, allow the cleaner to sit there for some minutes, then wipe away any remaining grease and cleaner with a paper towel.
Extra Tip: If the glass is in actually rough shape, you may need to follow up stage 2 by using a bit of Bar Keepers Friend and the damp scouring cloth to scrub away any remaining bits of grime.

Stage 3, Clean In Between
Once your oven glass doors on both the outside and inside of your oven door are glittering clean, all that is left to address is the place in between. You will do that by feeding a wire via the narrow holes on the underside of the oven door. For easy access to these holes, it helps to remove the drawer beneath your oven. (If you are good at cleaning, then you will possibly pull out your vacuum at this step because the place under the drawer gets fairly dusty!)
After the drawer is removed, unbend your wire hanger and straighten out its one end. Then wrap some paper towels around the wire and make them safe with a rubber band. After this, spray some of your vinegar and soap mixture onto the paper towel. Then wisely insert your cleaning tool through the narrow holes in the oven door. And, you will use it to wipe the inside of the glass clean. (Aiming can be tricky, but you will get the hang of it.) If needed, repeat the procedure with a dry paper towel to dry and buff the inside of the glass. All is done now.

What if my oven door does not contain holes?
If you cannot discover any access holes on the bottom of your oven door that would let you clean between the glass, don’t need to worry. You can yet clean between the glass, but you might require a screwdriver to do it. Consult your oven’s owner manual to find out how to open up glass panes so you can clean easily between them. (If you cannot find the manual, you can possibly find a digital copy online by searching the make and model of your oven into Google.)

Clean between oven glass door by disassembling
you can also clean the door but this technique is highly recommended by experts because it is difficult to put everything back together once you are done with the cleaning. Even it is not recommended and you want to do it, then follow these guidelines. Perform this method at your own risk.
In the first step, turn off the oven and wait until it is cool. Then open the kitchen range door and pull the locks from both sides. They are placed at the lower right and left corners. Look for the oven door screws. It generally has 2 to 3 screws on the bottom and 2 on the top near the handle relying on brands. Then lift the top panel first, after unscrewing is done. Now clean the glass panels before you put them back together. After this, reattach the door by holding at the same angle as when you removed it. Then insert the hinge arms into the hinge slots and enable the locks. You are done!

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