How to clean wood furniture - Tips and tricks

How to clean wood furniture - Tips and tricks
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To clean wood furniture, modern design or old, it's quite an art!

We care about them, their style, and their material but an accident can quickly happen … And the desire to take good care of our furniture is particularly felt at a time when the durability of our furniture takes on meaning! To dust off old clogged wooden furniture or remove stains from furniture just out of the box, such as grease, water, ink, or wine, you should have the right products. (why not natural!) to be very careful and to have the right gestures. There have always been natural solutions to easily clean wooden furniture, as seen in this article.

To clean wood furniture, modern design or old, it's quite an art!

how to Clean wood furniture generally.

A few general points before you start your cleaning. When you decide to clean wood furniture like the bedside table, TV cabinet, solid wood side table, you should, first of all, avoid using “all-purpose” cleaning sprays or household products unless your furniture is covered with a plastic coating such as bleach, cleaning products, chemicals, etc. To avoid causing a stain that may be difficult to remove, do not use cold water and wipe directly with a paper towel. We can treat Very sticky stains with warm or hot soapy water.

Becareful; excessive water is not the friend of wood.

Always make sure you have a slightly damp cloth or sponge that is not completely soaked when you want to clean a wooden table, an old chest of drawers, or any other contemporary piece of furniture.

What technique for dusting wooden furniture

To take action in a few steps

To take action in a few steps, here is a summary of the actions you can carry out:

  1.  always consists of dusting the wood with a feather duster or a very soft, slightly damp cloth. The use of the vacuum cleaner also makes it possible to remove the dust inside more easily.
  2. The 2nd step is to use a maintenance product for wood or a natural solution, always remembering to test a hidden side of the furniture

In addition to affecting the quality of the wood, certain chemicals can make it even more sticky and foul it more. We prefer natural methods and grandmother’s tips.

Nothing beats white vinegar (once a year) to remove stains and impurities: if the wood is varnished, white vinegar instantly dissolves all the dirt and brings the wood back to life.

Or you can use lemon combined with baking soda: rub the lemon cut in 2 well on the wood and clean it with baking soda, diluted in water.
Another much less well-known natural product for cleaning varnished wood: tea. The tannic acid it contains makes it possible to clean and shine the wooden furniture without damaging the varnish layer.

Therefore, you can make an infusion of black tea and then let the water cool without removing the bags. Soak a soft cloth in the brewed tea, gently apply to the wood, then dry.
– Warning: to clean an old piece of furniture, never pour the stain remover directly on the wood.

What technique for dusting wooden furniture?

To dust off for regular maintenance or a deeper wood cleaning operation, just damp cloth and elbow grease are your allies.

To remove this ubiquitous dust from your furniture, dust the furniture regularly using a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth; this is sufficient for routine maintenance.
We strongly advise not to use solvents for just dusting the wood. You can even use a simple cloth or a slightly dampened microfiber cloth which will better retain dust.

This technique will allow you to obtain a better finish and a smooth effect that will last longer.

At the level of the gesture, remove the dust delicately by regularly unfolding your cloth to change faces or shake it.

You can perform this dusting task inside the room: if your cloth is dampened, the dust will not fly throughout the room. If you have an outside, you can carry out this operation outside if the furniture is very dusty.
Be careful, however, not to ever over-wet your cloth.

Tips for cleaning raw wood furniture?

Cleaning raw wood is not easy.

The absence of treatment such as paint, oil, wax on raw, white wood furniture makes them vulnerable. To try to find the original appearance of a piece of furniture in raw wood or white wood, we recommend that you use a lint-free cotton cloth slightly moistened with hot water and black soap or soapy water.

If the stain persists, you can rub the grooves’ direction with sandpaper which we often used for polishing.
A quackgrass brush or hard household brush dipped in very weakly bleached water can do the trick to clean pine, teak, walnut, cherry, or oak furniture.

How to clean rosewood furniture?

In cabinetmaking, the name “rosewood” corresponds, among others, to trees of the genus  Dalbergia variabilis  (or  Dalbergia frutescens ), widely used in marquetry.

Like any other wood, it is also essential to preserve rosewood furniture’s shine and natural color. For this, you can help yourself with maintenance products specially designed for rosewood.

The products that we can find in all stores specializing in decoration, furniture, or DIY.

Does your lounge chair, armchair, or bar in rosewood have stains? Do not panic; you need to reduce the stain using a sponge soaked in soapy water.

Once dry, coat it with a light coat of Rosewood Restorer. Being a precious wood, remember to avoid its direct contact with detergents such as bleach.

What products to use for wood maintenance or occasional cleaning of wooden furniture?

What products to use for wood maintenance or occasional cleaning of wooden furniture?

Sometimes natural solutions are not enough to clean wood furniture.

Keep in mind that you can find several kinds of wood. So, depending on the various species, you will have to use different products or strategies to clean them properly.

  •  Solvents

To remove greasy dirt: you can use solvents such as white spirit, alcohol, turpentine, acetone. These solvents are used with moderately moistened rug pads.

  • Strippers

You will find these products in various shops.

These products have a more or less gelatinous consistency that people use to remove varnish or paint. Their use to remove varnish on plated parts is essential because the plating does not withstand any leaching without the risk of peeling.
All wooden furniture deserves attention, regardless of its age, modern or old! 
The cleaning of old or modern furniture no longer holds any secrets for you. It’s up to you!

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