how to keep the house warm in winter

how to keep the house warm in winter

Update: 09.02.2021

Tips on how to keep the house warm in winter

Some regions of the world observe intense cold weather, and there is a need to consider some important steps to keep the homes warm during winter. Same as summer, it is not easy to live with harsh weather, but it does not mean to raise your expenditure after paying high utility bills.

A complete guide on how to keep your house warm in winter?

There are several ways to maintain the normal temperature of your house without paying a huge amount of electricity and gas bills. Some of the very easy and cheap ways to keep your house warm in cold winter are listed below:

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Install a programable thermostat

The most important change you will need in your house to keep it warm while keeping the electricity bill low is having a programable thermostat so that you will not have to manage the temperature manually. You can adjust the settings and it will automatically keep the house warm and shut down when the temperature is bearable.

Another important change you will need is the insulation of the walls and windows to assure that warmth inside will not go out quickly due to change in temperature. In this way, the inside will remain warm for a long time and you will not have to deal with any issues.

Let the sunlight warm your house.

The sun is a natural source of radiant heat for us. We should utilize it for our comfort, such as for keeping our homes warm during winter. You just need to close the curtains when it is a sunny day, and the dazzling rays of the sun enter your room and heat it up, and the air present inside it is also replaced with fresh and warm air.

It is the easiest and a free means to make your home warm that the radiant heat will be absorbed by the walls and other material objects placed in rooms of your home.

Use rugs and carpets in rooms.

If your home floor is designed with tiles and marble, they will get cool during winter and enhance the cold factor.

  • So, when there is the arrival of winter, you need to cover the floor with rugs and carpets that act as insulators and do not let your feet and home cold.
  • Carpets act in the same way as the curtains do.

They trap the warm air and do not allow it to be absorbed in the tiles and again make your home cold. It will keep your feet warm when you walk out of bed. Different stylish and warm rugs are available in the market that not only insulate the air but also enhances your room’s beauty.

Keep tap or shower water slightly on

When you use warm water either for bathing or washing purpose, do not close the door; let it be opened so that the hot steam may spread in the home and overcome the dry, cool air. It will increase the humidity of your home that helps you to retain the temperature.

  • Sometimes, if there is too cold, turn the tap water slightly on to maintain the humidity of your home.
  • It will help you to avoid the burst of water pipe if the water is frozen inside the pipes, it will melt the ice.

Check either there are ventilation spaces in furniture.

This is another important step to avoid heat loss in a home. Have a glance at your furniture and find it out if there are any ventilation ducts in your furniture, especially your sofas, chairs, and beds. These ventilation ducts do not allow retaining the heat.

If this problem is not addressed, then your heating system will not be effective in maintaining the heat in your home. If these empty ducts are there, make them covered with sheaths to avoid heat loss.

Look into furnace filters.

Check with your furnace filters if they are working or out of order. The furnace filters must be replaced by new filters to improve their efficiency level. The main purpose of furnace filters is to keep the air dust and allergens free, but it also aids in heating your room in winter and cooling it in summer.

Use heaters

Different heaters are available in markets that run on gas and electricity. There is a need to set a time table for turning on and off these heaters to make the home warm, and then all you need to retain the temperature of the rooms by taking care of all precautions discussed above.

Seal extra windows and doors

During winter, you do not need to use extra doors or windows for ventilation because they carry extra and cool breeze that causes loss of heat you have made by heaters or other energy sources. So, with plastic sheets or window stickers with temperature control features to retain heat in homes.

Reverse the direction of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are usually used for getting cool air during summer, and very few people know that these fans can also be of advantage during winter. By spinning the fan clockwise by reversing the side of the motor of the fan, it takes the warm air down and keeps the cool air upward.

Leave the oven door open.

Another way to warm your house without using extra energy is to leave the oven doors open when you have done baking or roasting in it. It will transfer its heat into your home that can be retained for hours if you have closed all doors and windows. But the safety of your children is your priority so, keep in mind either it is secure to do so.


It is not hard and expensive to keep your home warm during cold winter. You have to consider some common tips that are easy to do at home with no or very low expenses. Some of the important tips are discussed above that may be helpful for you.

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