How to Remove Paint from carpet and sofa

How to Remove Paint from carpet and sofa

Update: 09.02.2021

How to Remove Paint from carpet and sofa

Paint stains look bad, no matter on clothes or any piece of furniture. Especially if the paint has dried, it is a real pain to remove it effectively. As soon as the Paint falls, you should immediately clean it by rubbing a wet cloth so that it doesn’t leave any stain. However, if it gets dried, there are other alternatives that you can use.

Removing paints from carpet and sofa:

We will discuss the various methods that you can use to remove paints from the carpet and sofa. Let’s take a detailed look.

Paint stains on sofa:

Paint stains on a sofa are very visible and do not look pleasant to the eyes. First of all, you must understand the type of paints. They are categorized into 2 types.

Water-Based Paint on sofa:

Some of the common types of paints that fall under this category are acrylic paints, finger paints, and craft paint. Another type of Paint called latex also falls under this category. There are certain measures that you can take for removing Water-Based paints.

  • Try cleaning it with warm water on the opposite side of where the Paint has fallen.

  • Use detergent water to remove the stain.

  • Soaps and other types of liquid washers can also be used to remove a stain from your carpet, sofa, or any other piece of fabric or furniture.

  • Unfortunately, if the Paint is managed to dry, you can use alcohol for it. Rub the stained area with cotton having alcohol absorbed in it.

  • Another method can you can use for dried Paint is to scrape it with a sharp knife or any other material that has a sharp edge.

  • If all of the above methods do not provide beneficial results, you can use a commercial paint remover for removing the paint stain.

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Oil-based paints on the sofa:

Many types of paints fall under this category, such as art oils, model craft paints, and also enamels. One thing about oil-based paints is that once they dried, it is very difficult to remove the stain. In most cases, it gets impossible. However, there are certain methods that you can use.

  • You should start cleaning it from the backside of where the Paint has fallen.

  • Put the stained area on a paper towel or a thick pad and apply Paint thinner to it.

  • After applying the paint thinner, you can scrub it with a brush or any sharp object to remove the stain.

  • While scraping, be careful because forceful scraping can damage the fabric.

  • The other important step that you should do while scraping is to keep changing the paper towels below the stained area. It let the towel absorb as much Paint as it can.

  • If this method worked for removing the stain, you should dip the carpet or covers the sofa in detergent water.

  • Do not forget to use hot water for it.

The manual provided with a sofa:

Readers’ instructions or manual is available with the sofas. Before use, take a careful look at the instructions.

Most of the sofas are provided with instructions regarding washing. You should read the instructions carefully. Some of the sofas can only be cleaned with water-based detergents, while others can be cleaned by a dry cleaning solvent of any type.

In the case of such sofa’s, which are purely made up of organic material, you need to clean them with cold water. Do not ever used hot water for the organic sofa as it can damage the material and fabric of the sofa.

Some sofas are so delicate and expensive that they can only be cleaned by a professional cleaner. In case of any paint stains, you should call a professional cleaner.

Another method that you can use if the cleaner is not available is to vacuum it, but it will not remove the paint stain, of course. It is better to contact the manufacturer or call a professional sofa cleaner.

How to remove Paint stains on carpets?

Carpets are more prone to get stained with paints. Most people do not remove the carpets while getting their rooms painted, especially if the carpets are fixed.

It is also very difficult to remove stains from the carpets as compared to the sofa. Carpets are made up of hard material.

Water-based Paint on carpets

There are certain methods that you can use to remove water-based paints from the carpets.

  • Try scraping it with w sharp knife; it can remove the superficial paint present on the carpet.

  • Take a towel or a newspaper and soak it in water thoroughly. Try to rub it harshly on the stained area of the carpet.

  • Do not rub at other places and also do not use cloth for it because it can create a smear on the carpet.

  • Keep doing this repeatedly unless the Paint is removed from the surface.

  • Try using soap water or detergent water and rub it with a cloth cleaner brush or a toothbrush.

  • Let the carpet soak the detergent or soap water for some time.

  • Start scraping the surface again by using a knife or any such material.

  • Be careful while scraping does not damage the colour or fibres of the carpet.

All it takes to remove the Paint is heat, make sure to use really hot water, or you can also use cloth steamers for this purpose.

Oil-based paints on carpet

As compared to water-based paints, it is difficult to remove oil-based paints. However, certain methods can be applied to remove the stains.

  • Try to use a wet towel that can absorb as much of the Paint as possible.

  • Do not forget to use a clean towel for this purpose.

  • You should not rub the Paint harshly as the carpet will absorb more of it.

  • You can also use Paint thinner while cleaning the Paint. Acetone and alcohol are preferred to remove the Paint.

  • If none of the methods works, you should contact a professional cleaner to remove the paint stain from your carpet.

Final thoughts

Paint stains are difficult to remove in most cases. You can adapt the above-mentioned techniques for removing the paint stain. It is also advised to take professional help and refrain from applying various methods on your own.

Removing paints from carpet and sofa
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