It’s dirty job !- why do it yourself ?

Oven Cleaning Special Offer Deal 1

All oven styles and models professionally cleaned with ease, Our expert oven cleaners provide dependable, professional and, most importantly, no-mess services at competitive rates. We are proud of the superior service quality that our technicians can provide. Our aim is to make every customer happy, through our unbeatable combination of first-class service and great value for your money. Birmingham council

Service we offer with;  No Mess, Fully insured, Fully trained staff, Replaceable bulbs, Realistic prices, Fully CRB checked staff.

A service that comes with many benefits

 Your appliance is in safe hands, the oven cleaners are well-trained, vetted, and will do their best to restore the shine of your cooker. and will all the burned-on carbon residue eliminated, it is absolutely sure that your food will taste better!

But that is not everything, There is much more:

  • Only professional degreasing detergents are used, each product is non toxic and biodegradable

  • When performed regularly, you prolong the life of the appliance

  • You ill lower the energy consumption which will reflect on the bills;

  • It reduces the risk of smoke and kitchen fire;

  • Small are repairs done upon request – replacing light bulbs, filtersor seals;

  • Better testing meals your family will appreciate;

Please Speak to our trained customer service operator for all our special offer on all services

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