Best Oven cleaning Prices - "Cheaper than buying a new oven!"

The most hated chore of all is cleaning the oven, which is why you should hire a professional oven company to do it for you!

With our ‘no added caustic’ system, we can get things sparkling clean on ovens, hobs, extractor fans and microwaves.

Our unique cleaning system means you can be confident your oven will be thoroughly cleaned professionally and conveniently. As a result, you will receive minimal disruption in the home, no nasty fumes from the system, and you can immediately put your oven to use.

Do we offer the cheapest prices? Our team puts very high standards in terms of quality, punctuality, and overall service. Our goal is to provide you with the best value for money so that you can be sure we are worth your time and money. You can pay with cash, a credit/debit card, and a bank transfer.

The prices listed include the original grill pan and racks as well as our 7-step cleaning process.


single oven cleaning price
Single oven
  • The shelf and tray are included (Usually 2 Shelves and 1 Tray)

double oven cleaning price
Double oven
  • The shelf and tray are included (Usually 3 Shelves and 2 Tray)

single range oven price
single wide oven
  • The shelf and tray are included (Usually 2 Shelves and 1 Tray)

double range oven price
double range oven
  • The shelf and tray are included (Usually 4 Shelves and 3 Tray)

4 door range oven price
4 door range oven
£ 99
  • The shelf and tray are included (Usually 5 Shelves and 3 Tray) contact us for price

aga oven cleaning price
AGAs oven cleaning
  • The shelf and tray are included,contact us for price

Call us for smeg and hide and slide neff oven to discuss price.


Gas hob cleaning price
Gas hobs
4 ring burner
  • including burners and pan supports 

electric hob cleaning price
electric hob
4 burner
  • 4 ring burner hob

ceramic hob cleaning cost
ceramic hob
  • 4 burner hob

extractor fan cleaning prices

EXTRACTOR 60cm fan cleaning price
EXTRACTOR 60cm fan
  • Degrease outer removal and clean filters final polish

EXTRACTOR 90cm fan cleaning price
EXTRACTOR 90cm fan
  • Degrease outer removal and clean filters final polish

Our customers frequently ask: “What is the cost of cleaning an oven?

Your answer will depend on the size of the oven and the other appliances you would like cleaned!

If you need a free, no-obligation quote for oven cleaning, our nationwide network of local experts can help! Regardless of whether you need to clean your hob and extractor or an integrated oven, Aga range cooker, or other appliance, we can help!

To find out what oven cleaning prices and availability are in your area, please fill out the no-obligation quotation form. A technician will get in touch with you back and will be able to discuss your specific cleaning needs with you so you know exactly what the price of the oven clean will be.

replacement bulb for £5 and if you need new door seal please let us know so we can order it for you.

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John weston
John weston
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My house looks spotless after their work and they are really professional. My carpet smells fresh and the stains on the sofa have disappeared. I highly recommend them as they're the best cleaners I've ever used!