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Cheap Wallpaper Installation Service by the expert

Are you looking for a wallpaper Installation expert near Birmingham? Look no further! We are a Wallpaper installation service in professional wallpaper hangers in the Birmingham area, which is now available.

Our highly experienced professionals are on hand to help you with all your wallpaper installation needs, from selecting the perfect wallpaper for your home to expertly hanging it on your walls. Book wallpaper installation Birmingham

We guarantee a high-quality finish that will look great and last for years.

 Professional wallpaper hangers in Birmingham

Our specialists are experienced in various wallpapers, including vinyl-coated, paper-backed, and fabric-backed wallpaper. Whether you’re looking for a one-room transformation or a complete home and flat makeover, our accredited professionals can help!

Our expertise ranges from installing the paper with no wrinkles to assisting you with choosing the right type of wallpaper. With years of experience, we will work around your schedule to ensure that your project is completed efficiently and with high-quality results.

The expert wallpaper installers provide services such as measuring walls and priming surfaces prepping walls for installation, hanging panels correctly, and cleaning up afterward.

We have extensive knowledge of different wallpapers and can offer tips on creating unique designs with them or buying from a wallpaper shop.

In addition to installation services, we offer alternative solutions for clients interested in customizing their walls but may not have the time or money necessary.

Wallpaper Decorator is an excellent choice if you want more than just applying standard wallpapers on your walls – they can help turn any ordinary space into a fantastic place!

Best wallpaper fitter near me in Birmingham

Our experienced professionals will provide you with the best wallpaper fitting service.

Our highly trained wallpaper fitters ensure each is expertly fitted to the specifications. Our customized services can help you choose the right type of paper for your home or business premises.

Depending on your requirements and budget, we guarantee that all our work is done to a professional standard and meets all safety regulations set by government agencies in Birmingham and beyond.

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Wallpaper Installation service in Birmingham

Our Wallpaper Installation Service Benefits

Our wallpaper installation service in Birmingham offers plenty of benefits for the customer.

  1. Firstly, we provide a comprehensive and professional service. We use high-quality materials to ensure your walls are correctly covered and look great. Our experienced team can also advise on different wallpapers, helping you pick the best one for your needs.
  2. Secondly, our team is fast and reliable; we guarantee that your wallpaper will be installed quickly and neatly, so there is no disruption to your home or business.
  3. Thirdly, our rates are highly competitive, so you can be assured that you’re getting value for money when hiring us for this service.

Note:  all of our work is fully insured, so any accidents resulting in damage to property will be taken care of by us with no extra cost incurred by you. Ultimately, we offer the complete wallpaper installation experience around!

local expert cleaning reviews  What do our customers say about us? A customer in Birmingham hired us to install wallpaper on their walls. The customer stated, “I wanted to redecorate my living room, and I wanted a new look. I turned to expert Wallpapers, a well-known firm in Birmingham. I was impressed with their services and would recommend them to others.”



Professional wallpaper installation and hanging for:

  • Textured
  • Metallic
  • Silk
  • Contemporary
  • Handprints
  • Handmade
  • Suede
  • de Gournay
  • Fabrics


  • Fromental
  • Digital Print Murals
  • Vinyl Standard & Wide vinyl
  • Flock & Deluxe Luxury Wallpaper
  • Standard 52cm & Layout
  • Customized Wallpaper
  • Bespoke Wallpaper
  • Digital Wallcoverings
  • Panoramic Wallpaper – Hand Painted


What You Can Expect From Our Wallpaper Installation Service

We offer wallpaper installation services that are second to none.

We use cutting-edge tools and techniques for all installations, giving you a perfect finish every time.

We also provide our customers with a wide selection of wallpaper styles, from classic to modern.

Moreover, our team offers free advice on which wallpapers work best in specific spaces or rooms.

Our aim is always to deliver a professional-looking job that exceeds expectations. You can rest assured knowing you'll have expertly installed walls at an affordable price.

Our team of experienced wallpaper installers is knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure you're satisfied with the results.

Our materials are sourced from leading manufacturers in Europe and the UK, so you can be sure that your walls will look their best for years to come.

Cost for Wallpaper Installation in Birmingham

The cost of wallpaper installation in Birmingham varies depending on the type of wallpaper chosen, the amount of wallpaper needed, and the size of the room.

Standard prices range from £20 – £150 per roll for standard paper and up to £200-£400 per roll for high-end designer paper.

An extra fee may be charged for any preparation work that needs to be done prior to installation, such as wall repairs or sanding down existing walls.

Additional charges may also apply if there is unevenness in the surface or if more than one type of paper needs to be applied.

The average cost for a professional installer ranges from around £100 – £180 per day, with a minimum appointment length of two days. Also, removal and disposal fees can start at between £50 – £100 depending on how much wallpaper needs to be removed.

Finally, it is essential to remember that specialist tools are required, which can add an extra cost to the overall bill, so it’s worth asking about this when comparing quotes from different installers.

wallpaper decorator service in Birmingham
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Combining professional wallpaper with other services

Painter And Decorator

Professional Painter And Decorator service in Birmingham, fully trained, certified  with over 10 experience in painting 

Tiling Service

Birmingham's top tiling service! Professional, reliable and friendly. We provide quality tile installation services for any project at an affordable price. Get in touch today to learn more!


Need help with repairs around the house? Look no further! Get quality handyman service in Birmingham from experienced professionals. We're here to help!

Quality of Wallpaper Installation Services

we provide references from past clients and offer guarantees on our work.

Also, we have experience dealing with different types of wallpaper and understand what materials are needed for each job. our skilled installer will also know about local building regulations and have the necessary certifications for complex tasks.

Additionally, top-notch installers will take pride in our craftsmanship and ensure that every wall looks perfect when finished. you can ask questions upfront to ensure you get quality work at an affordable cost!

Types of Wallpapers Available

  • The most popular type of wallpaper used today is vinyl-coated paper. This type of wallpaper comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures and is very durable and easy to clean.
  • Another option is fabric-backed vinyl wallpapers which are slightly more expensive but also more durable than regular vinyl paper.
  • Textile wallpapers offer an interesting design element that can be used to transform any room. These types of wallpapers come in a variety of materials such as linen, silk, or wool that add texture and interest to any space.
  • Foil wallpaper has a shiny metallic finish that reflects light making it great for bathrooms or other areas with limited natural lighting.
  • Natural grasscloth wallpaper offers a unique look due to its woven fibers creating a subtle patterned effect on the walls that easily adds depth to any room in the house.

No matter what type you choose, you can trust our experts at Birmingham Wallpaper Installation services for professional installation every time!

how does the Wallpaper Installation service work

Removing existing wallpaper or paint

We will carefully remove existing wallpaper, prepare the surface to ensure quality adhesion, and then hang new wallpaper. The process starts with selecting the right type and design of wallpaper that matches your desired aesthetic. Professional installers can recommend different types and styles to suit your needs best. After choosing the suitable wallpaper, it is time for prep work.

This includes removing existing wallpaper and repairing any damage to the wall surface. Once this is done, a primer or sealant should be applied to ensure proper adhesion when it comes to installation.

Use specialized tools

Professionals will use specialized tools like plumb lines and levelers to hang the new paper consistently, so there aren’t any bumps or wrinkles in its appearance once hung up on the wall.

After installation, professionals can also offer tips on maintaining your newly installed wallpaper to maximize longevity.

Be sure to look into the wallpaper cost before hiring a pro. Some types of wallpaper are costly and may not be worth the expense. You might find that there is a less-expensive alternative that will work just as well with your home s design scheme.

Wallpaper Installation Service Reviews

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I just used this wallpaper installation service in Birmingham and was highly pleased with the results! They were very knowledgeable and professional, and the job was completed quickly and to a high standard. The team was friendly and accommodating, ensuring I was happy with the work before they finished. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a quality wallpaper installation.
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I recently used a wallpaper hanging service in Birmingham and was impressed with the quality of their work. They arrived on time and were incredibly friendly, accommodating all my needs. The wallpaper was hung perfectly, and there wasn't a single air bubble or wrinkle in sight. They even offered helpful tips to ensure the wallpaper was applied correctly. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a professional job done right!
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I'm delighted with the results. Their team was incredibly professional and knowledgeable, providing me with helpful advice throughout the process. They completed the job within the agreed timeframe, and their attention to detail was remarkable. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for an efficient, reliable wallpaper-hanging solution.

Wallpaper hanging question and answer

One of the most common challenges specialist wallpaper hangers face in Birmingham is dealing with walls that are not entirely flat.

Uneven walls can make ensuring a smooth and tight installation challenging, especially when attempting to match patterns along seams. Wallpaper experts can use techniques such as scoring, steamers, and double-cutting to help manage these imperfections, but they can still lead to a less-than-perfect result.

Another challenge is choosing the type of wallpaper for the environment in which it will be installed.

Different types of paper may require different levels of preparation and special adhesives before installation, so wallpaper hangers direct customers need to select their products carefully.

An expert should be consulted if there is any doubt about what kind of wallpaper should be used in certain conditions or locations.

Finally, one must consider how long the installation process will take and how many people will need to work on the project to complete it on time.

Customers must understand that this process requires specialization and skill; inexperienced workers could cost more money if mistakes occur or time runs out before completion.

Professional wallpaper hangers direct customers toward qualified installers who have experience with similar projects and offer competitive rates.

We can install all types of wallpaper 

we can also install specialty wallpapers such as textured wallcoverings, grasscloth, vinyl-coated papers, fabric-backed vinyl, embossed papers, nonwoven fabrics, and more.

The turnaround time for wallpaper installation can vary depending on the project size.

Generally speaking, an experienced wallpaper installer should be able to complete minor to medium-scale projects within one to two days. However, larger projects may take up to a week or more to finish due to the complexity associated with removing old paper and installing new panels.

This is especially true for multi-level buildings or homes with high ceilings that require scaffolding.

The installer will also have to allow extra time for any repairs that may need to be done before the installation begins, such as patching holes, sanding down walls, and applying primer coatings.

Again, if multiple styles of wallpaper are installed, this could add time to the estimated turnaround time.

We cover entire areas in Birmingham’s west midlands and surrounding areas. 

Edgbaston, Harborne, Alum rock, Erdington, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Quinton, Shirley, Sheldon, Great Barr, Bearwood, Smethwick, Longbridge, Alvechurch, kind heath, Northfield, Moseley, Hall Green, Water Orton, Coleshill, Catherine-de-barns, Tipton, Oldbury, Aston, Wednesbury, Willenhall, Handsworth Wood, Aldridge, Blackheath, Washwood Heath, Redditch, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Nuneaton. Stourbridge, Dudley, Ashby De La Zouch, Perry Barr, Alvechurch, Romsley, Rednal, and many more

  •  the best place to start is by researching online. Look up local companies specializing in wallpapering and read customer reviews to get a sense of their quality of work.

Ensure you choose an experienced company with good references and testimonials from satisfied customers. Also, ask if they offer any discounts or promotions for their services.

  • You can also reach out to family and friends who have recently had wallpaper installed for recommendations on who to hire. They may be able to provide helpful information about reliable wallpaper installers in your area and what type of service they received from them.
  •  Finally, you must meet with the installer before hiring them so that you can assess their experience level and discuss your specific project requirements in detail.
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