What Are The Dirtiest Place In Your House ?

What Are The Dirtiest Place In Your House?

What Are The Dirtiest Place In Your House?

Dirt can build up all over your house, sometimes in the unlikeliest areas. Our carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and oven cleaning specialists run through the grimiest spots in a home.

Dirt is not always obvious, there are places that grime can hide and often the dirtiest spots in your home are not always areas you would have expected, Read on to discover the areas you should perhaps give another once- over when you are cleaning.


Unsurprisingly, floors pick up all kind of dirt, bacteria, allergens and even mites, it is essential for the health of your home as a whole to book a regular professional carpet cleaning

to deeply clean your carpet and get rid of all the grime that builds up from foot walking traffic.

Kitchen Sink

Maybe alarming for areas that you wash your cutlery and crockery, the kitchen sink can Barbour a lot of germs and bacteria, make sure that you wash and scrub the sink every time you use washing up, and do not let dishes soak for a long time, as this can build-up in bacteria and germs.


Grime can sink into the dents in upholstery sofa, this can make your upholstery sofas and chairs incredibly dirty, but a professional upholstery cleaning

can help to refresh your home and leave your sofas looking and smelling clean and nice.


Extreme heat combined with spitting fat and food residue makes for a dirty surface, worktops pick up lots of dirt as it is, but stoves are even worse, professional oven cleaning 

it is essential to keep a stove clean for basic kitchen hygiene.

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