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You must wipe down the carpet within one minute if liquid spills on it.

Why choose our carpet cleaning service in Kidderminster

Do you need carpet cleaners in Kidderminster

We offer professional carpet cleaning services. The following steps will be taken to restore your carpets to their original freshness and cleanness.

We understand every carpet’s uniqueness, customizing our cleaning process to its specific needs, whether wool, synthetic, or delicate carpet.

Experience in carpet cleaning:

We’ve improved our processes over the years. We understand the challenges of different materials and stains regarding carpets. Cleaning experts clean stubborn dirt, pet odors, or deep-seated grime.

Eco-friendly products

Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions are safe for your health and well-being. Using these non-toxic but effective products ensures a thorough clean. It will keep your carpets clean and safe.

Advanced equipment

We keep up with the latest technology. Due to this, we use an Airflex carpet cleaning machine. This advanced system removes dirt and debris deep in the carpet fibers with powerful suction and agitation. You can save time and money by using our advanced carpet cleaning equipment.

Comprehensive service

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond carpet cleaning. We offer a comprehensive service that includes pre-inspection, spot treatment, deep cleaning, and post-cleaning inspection. We aim to ensure that every aspect of your carpet cleaning experience exceeds your expectations.

Professinal carpet cleaning in Kidderminster by Expert


Our carpet cleaning in Kidderminster starts with a complete inspection:

  1. We send an expert portable carpet cleaner in kidderminster provided with all the equipment and detergents required;
  2. The expert determines the best cleaning strategy for your special type of material;
  3. The highly-skilled specialist power-vacuums and gets rid of dry soil and dirt off your carpeting;
  4. A specialised pre-conditioning option is used to existing stains including dirt marks;
    then, the cleaner proceeds with the proper cleaning technique;
  5. Finally, your fabric flooring covering is spotlessly clean and left to dry.
  6. We provide carpet sanitisation, eliminating 99.99% of all bacteria and germs.

1.steam extraction carpet cleaning (HWE)/ Professional hot water carpet cleaning:

A deep carpet cleaning through the hot water extraction strategy is far more innovative than a routine steam method. That steam-based extraction treatment is the most reliable for cleaning dirty carpets, rugs, and covers in the convenience of your home.

Pressurised HWE will renew, remove built-up dirt, and take on the broad spectrum of bacteria in your doormat, vehicle carpet or large carpet. Steam extraction takes care of home spills, family pet stains and helps you remove undesirable smells and even dust mites…

The results? Hot water extraction carpet cleaning gives you a completely clean carpet that air-dries in hours! Thanks to the Scotchgard ™ Stain Protection which comes free of charge your carpet will stay protected for the next 8months. This is domestic carpet cleaning at its most excellent!

NOW you can request Carpet Sanitisation to get rid of 99.99% of all infections and germs!

Carpet sanitisation is made with strong, EN1276 tested cleaning agents that are pre-sprayed and left on the surface for 20 minutes. As this point, the product fights against the germs, viruses, algae and fungus. Later on, the fabric is cleaned up with hot water extraction.

* NOTE: Book with Fantastic carpet Cleaners in Kidderminster and the carpet cleaning experts can deodorise your carpet upon demand. The carpets specialists could leave an air mover in the place to help you improve airflow throughout your house or home. A commercial fan helps wetness dry faster and thus speeds-up the house drying process after hot water extraction method.

In case of a fragile flooring cover, the carpet cleaning experts can use the specialised dry chem treatment.

The powder solution is 100% suitable with natural fibres such as silk, swivel, and seagrass. Plus given that no hot water steam is included, there is absolutely no threat of shrinking!

Chem-dry carpet cleaning is suitable to other great or water-sensitive materials such as sisal, jute, cotton, velour, oriental carpets, Persian, and oriental kilims too. book dry carpet cleaning service – the high-end expert technique that is eco and allergy safe.

What is the estimated drying time? Almost right away after the service.

[FREE] Stain-proofing by means of Scotchgard ™ stain protection:

When your carpet is professionally looked after, you can increase the result thanks to the Scotchgard ™ fabric protector.

This uses just for the Hot Water Extraction cleaning process as the protector isn’t suitable for dry carpet cleaning. Scotchgard ™ is a specialised spray solution that prevents liquids, stains and dirt at bay, not allowing them to settle your carpet. This repels what you wish to stay out and maintains fabrics fresh and clean!

At local expert cleaning, we send mobile carpet cleaning technicians straight to your home or office in Kidderminster 
* NOTE: Benefit from our business discounts by integrating residential carpet and carpet washing service with upholstery and furnishings cleaning or book it as part of after the end of tenancy cleaning (where dip tank oven cleaning is included).

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carpet cleaner near me Kidderminster
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Professional carpet cleaning Kidderminster

You can combine your carpet cleaning Kidderminster with:

Premises typeHot Water Extraction, Stain protection and Sanitization
PricesPremium clean
Lounge / Dining room (12×12 feet) £46
Through lounge (28×12 feet)£68
Hallway (10×4 feet)£23
Staircase (up to 14 steps) £46
Rug (up to 3sq.m) £24
Medium Rug (up to 7sq.m) £34
Large Rug (up to 15sq.m) £43
Combine and SAVE Property / Item Price
Carpet Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction) + Stain Protection + Sanitization (x 2 double bedrooms, x 1 living room, x 1 hallway). Order here>> 2-bedroom Flat £119
Carpet Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction) + Stain Protection + Sanitization (x 2 double bedrooms, x 1 living room, x 1 staircase, x 1 landing, x 1 hallway) 2-bedroom House £145

All costs and estimates are starting from:

* Stain protection (Scotchgard)– Up to 8 months stain protection guarantee, suggested for high traffic areas + extending the life of your carpets.

— Antiviral sanitization with detergents that kill 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses included.

T&C and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also think about the location’s dimensions and the time of the consultation. All rates and offers stand for areas within Kidderminster. Offers can not be combined with any other deals and promos. Rates go through availability. Blockage charges are excluded (when relevant

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A: Here is how we do dry carpet  cleaning:

  • The service technician emulsifies a special dry chem powder and rubs it in with rotating brushes;
  • The powder bonds chemically to any dirt particles that reside in within the fibres;
  • The cleaner is left to chill out soil and make it easier to extract;
  • Then the professional vacuums your carpet to absorb both powder and dirt;
  • Dry chem cleaning removes 99% of irritants and successfully revitalizes any rug or carpet.

    Is drying time needed? No. Your carpets are ready almost instantly after the service.

A: Yes, this applies to all local expert cleaning cleaners. The carpet cleaning specialists are expertly trained and certified. They arrive at your address, fully equipped with carpet cleaning equipment and uniformed, and user IDs.

A: We provide premium fibre stain repellent that can substantially prolong the freshness of your carpets when used after expert cleaning. It also definitely increase the life of your flooring piece, especially if put in a high traffic area. The stain protection always comes for FREE when you book hot water extraction carpet cleaning in Kidderminster.

A: We offer carpet cleaning Kidderminster services 6 days a week. from 8 am to 8 pm, for emergency service please contact us.

A: If your carpet has woollen fibre, then it will take about 5 hours. other from that, it will take about 2 hours. We also provide a free Air mover (upon demand) to speed drying, especially if there isn’t air circulation.

A: Known as the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) approach, this method is likewise known as “steam cleaning.” Although further advanced than routine steam methods, the pressurized hot water extraction (PHWE) technique uses high pressure for excitement and hot water to improve the response rate. Here’s how it work:

A high-performance system “injects” hot water steam deep down to the fibre of your textile flooring covering;
All at once, a suction attachment is at work to eliminate up to 98% of moisture and removed unsanitary representatives.

Deep carpet cleaning appropriates for Fabrics made from synthetic or woollen fibres. How long does steam cleaning carpets require to dry? Roughly 2-63hours.

A: Well, it depends upon what type of foot traffic they are exposed to. Stain protection for carpets likewise makes a difference. Typically, we recommend professional cleaning at least 2 times a year for routine home carpeting, so you get the best value for how much carpet cleaning costs Kidderminster.

A: Oh well, accidents sometimes do happen. Thankfully, local expert cleaning is 100% insured and you will be fully compensated in case something happen during your carpet cleaning Kidderminster.

A: At local expert cleaning, we clean the vast array of both rugs and carpets: oriental, Persian carpet cleaning, Tibetan Moroccan, Indian, runners, area rugs, circular carpets, sculptured and much more. Can’t see yours? Just give us call us and ask.

A: We aim to safe, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions by a proven result that are entirely harmless to humans and pets. Also on the protection note, please don’t walk on the carpets till it is completely dry, to avoid slips.

A: Professional carpet cleaning only needs a single technician. The cleaner can help moving light furnishings as long as it does not pose any dangers.

what Customers say about our carpet cleaning Kidderminster

I had my carpet cleaned in Kidderminster by local expert cleaning, very professional and friendly, done fantastic job on my carpet, highly recommend this carpet cleaning company in kidderminster and will use them again
wow, my carpets look brand new, technicians arrived on times and cleaned my carpets in high standard, I used other carpet cleaners in Kidderminster but this carpet cleaning company its the best
John Borthwick
just moved to my new house in Kidderminster and found this carpet cleaning company online, done an amazing job, the carpet looks brand new and smelling fresh, thank you very much elaine, I will definitely use your carpet cleaning service in kidderminster again
Jane Bill
very professional and friendly, elaine and her partner cleaned my carpet in kidderminster, fantastic service, I would recommend this carpet cleaning company to everybody
David Anderson
Thursday, August 31, 2017

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