Tips to remove stains and bad odor from carpet

Carpets and rugs are the essential accessories that an individual uses at their home. However, these carpets start to make a specific odor. Getting rid of this odor might sound hectic to you, but it is not difficult at all. If you have a carpet at home and tired of its nasty odors, you can use the following tips to get rid of that smell and make your home smell nice.

Different tips to remove stains and bad odor from carpet

There are different reasons for smelling carpets. The reasons could be with the moisture getting in the excess amount because of flooding or spills on the carpet. The wetness caused by those spills can make mold build in the carpet. This mold causes an unpleasant smell in your house. If the cleanliness routine is not followed and the right chemicals for the cleaning are not used, you will face this issue of smelling carpets.

Types of odors

There are different kinds of odors that you can feel in the carpets. The names of these odors are as follows.

  • Surface odor
  • Deep odor
    The way to get rid of these odors differs. Following is the method to get rid of these odors.
Tips to remove stains and bad odor from carpet

Getting rid of the surface odor

The surface odor is caused when you accidentally have spilled something on the carpet. The dropped or the spilled substances can be because of a food item that you dropped on the carpet, or your pet did it mistakenly. For this purpose, baking soda powder comes to the rescue.

Why should you use baking soda?

  • Baking soda is an inexpensive and natural ingredient that has been proved to be one of the substances that absorb the research’s odour.
  • Baking soda has penetrating characteristics that help it inside the carpet where one cannot reach out properly to clean them.
  • It absorbs all the bad odor and neutralizes the particles of it. Afterwards, the particles are lifted by the vacuum cleaner.
  • Baking soda is a completely dry deodorizer as compared to other deodorizers of odors. The liquid deodorizing makes one dread that it might get oversaturated, causing further problems. For example, before the liquid deodorizer has dried out, the possibility is that it might absorb dirt and dust from the environment.
  • Baking soda powder makes the procedure a lot easier.

Procedure to get rid of the surface odor

There are multiple steps involved to get rid of the surface odor.

  1. First of all, you will have to get your hands on the baking soda powder. Baking soda powder has many benefits, and it can become in handy for many purposes, and one of them is getting rid of the bad smell.
  2. The second step is to sprinkle or dust the baking soda powder into the section that has a stinky odor. You can brush it in the carpet by mixing it up with the fibers of the carpet. You can do it using a broom. Some people are reluctant to use baking soda but fear not because the more you use it, the better results you will get.
  3. After the baking soda has been sprinkled on the carpet, you will have to let it sit for a day or so for the amazing results.
  4. When a day or two has passed, now it is time to remove the baking soda from your carpet. You can use a broom to sweep off the baking soda powder from the top layer of the carpet. After that, you can use a vacuum cleaner as well.
  5. If you feel like the smell is still there, then do not worry because we have another easy remedy for you for the surface odors. You will have to get the white vinegar and mix it with water. The portions of both liquids should be the same.
  6. After they have mixed, spray the mixture on the area you think is the stinky smell. For twenty minutes, you will have to let it sit on the area. Then you can clean it by dabbing it with a cloth. Wet the area with some water cloth and then use another cloth to get the water out if any of it remains.
    You can repeat the vinegar method on the resilient and stubborn odor areas.
Getting rid of the deep odor of the carpet

Getting rid of the deep odor of the carpet

Deep odors are caused by the spills of different kinds of liquids on the carpet. These liquids get dissolved and absorbed by the fibers and material of the carpet and get locked inside the carpet.
Ways to remove the deep odor of the carpet
You will need a strong liquid mixture that can help you get rid of this kind of odor. The mixture is going to contain the following

  • items.
  • Vinegar
  • Water

The solution used to clean the carpet isopropyl alcohol or shampoos for carpets.
The second step is to get yourself a carpet steamer from the market or rent yourself one. You will have to pour the liquid mixture into the carpet steamer’s chamber and then use it according to the instructions provided with the carpet steamer.

You can always call up a professional carpet cleaning team or a cleaner to use their machine on your carpet and help you get rid of the bad odor.

Getting rid of the surface odor

Mold checking

The liquid that was mistakenly spilled or the wetness of your carpet can cause mold problems as well in your carpet, making it a host for many microbes. It is why you have to ensure you do your investigation of mold in your carpet.

For this purpose, you will have to call a professional team of cleaning. They will help clean and get rid of the odor and the mold that is living under your carpet. The infected area will be easily treated.

Follow the above easy home remedies to get rid of the stubborn odor. You need to make sure you clean your carpets regularly as it is important for health of your family in these testing times.

If you have difficulty removing stains and bad odors from your carpet, call our professional carpet cleaner for help. 

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